New Scandinavian manager UZIN UTZ Group expansion in Scandinavia

UZIN UTZ Group has hired Lars Albrecht Jensen as Regional Manager Scandinavia. Lars Albrecht Jensen, 45,
before has held management positions in Sika and Akzo Nobel Denmark. In his new position he is appointed as General Manager of the Norwegian subsidiary UZIN UTZ Group Norge AS. At the same time the group is in the process of founding a subsidiary in Denmark with the
target of being closer and providing excellent services to the customers. UZIN UTZ Denmark ApS will also be headed by Lars Albrecht Jensen and have office and meeting facilities in central Kastrup on Kongelundsvej 294 close to the motorway and airport.
These activities are part of UZIN UTZ Group’s Business Development Plan for Scandinavia. The company
is conducting a growth strategy for their brands Uzin, Codex, Pallmann, Wolff, RZ and Arturo and is investing
in the Scandinavian market. “The vision is one strong Scandinavian unit within UZIN UTZ Group with one leadership, central resources and infrastructure to support our excellent country teams in their daily work of servicing the customers and leading them to success.” says Jens Schimmel, Area Director Scandinavia, UK, France and the Netherlands. Other implementation stepsh ave already been taken: TheNorwegian company recently has been renamed and given a clear identity;
new offices in Larvik have been opened and an improved logistics setup has been implemented. Customers are
appreciating the new service quality. Further activities to come up will concern the creation of the central Scandinavian organization and infrastructure and the strengthening of the country teams. Also residual
Scandinavia will be part of this growth plan.



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